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An exclusive treatment using galvanic and high frequency. Double ionisation penetrates the active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. 


High frequency purifies and oxygenates the cells, activating micro-circulation and creating an anti-bacterial barrier.


Galvanic is the penetration of positive and negative active ions. Saponification of fatty acids down to the sebaceous gland.


Customised for each skin type making the skin hydrated, radiant and youthful.

The deluxe Anti-Ageing Hydradermie double ionisation penetrates the active ingredients deep into the skin for optimal results. This facial works in 3 parts, treating the individual areas of the face.


It regenerates, smooths and tones the contours of the skin giving a youthful radiance.


This exclusive, unique treatment incorporates the use of mild galvanic currents to increase the penetration of firming and moisturising products and high frequency to stimulate microcirculation and oxygenate your skin.


Whatever your skin type, whether normal, oily, dry, sensitive, or mature, the Guinot Hydradermie Facial from Krush Beauty can address the individual needs of your skin. 


Non-Surgical Lifting treatment


Lifting treatment using a stimulation current. Gives the facial muscles a workout, restoring volume and tone. For people looking for an instant lifting effect. 

Key Points​

  • Drainage: to eliminate toxins (setting of 2, 7 and 10 mins)

  • Muscle stimulation: to lift the features of the face and neck (5 major muscle groups, 10-20 mins, variable settings​

  • A sculpting massage: to firm the skin (effleurage, not an express treatment)


  • 1-6  - 1 round of stimulation​

  • 6-12 - 2 rounds of stimulation​


  • 6-12 treatments at 2 per week, depending on skin age and concerns. Repeated twice per year.​

  • 1 treatment per month to prolong the treatment results (maintenance)

A great alternative to lash extensions.


Lashes are lifted at the root and tinted to create a naturally longer and darker look without the fuss of extensions.


Results last up to 6 weeks


A patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to treatment. 


(Pictures can be viewed on our Facebook page) 

Eye Bag Treatment
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